Air Duct Cleaning in Dubuque, IA

Air duct cleaning can help reduce your energy bills and make your system work more efficiently. It can provide needed relief to allergy and asthma sufferers. It will reduce the amount of dusting required to clean your home.

IAQ experts now estimate that more than 70% of all indoor air quality problems involve the operation and/or maintenance of HVAC systems. Like any other part of a home or building, dirt, dust and other particulates can accumulate on system components and in ductwork. Studies have shown that even a thin coating of dirt and dust on critical HVAC components can significantly reduce energy efficiency.

Some duct systems are insulated with fiberglass or fiberboard on the inside surfaces for sound insulation. These materials can trap dirt, particulates and bioaerosols. They can also absorb moisture from the air stream, making these surfaces a perfect breeding ground for additional microbial growth.

HVAC systems are most susceptible to moisture-related microbial problems during the warmer months, especially when air conditioning is used. In the cooling cycle, cooling coils reduce the temperature of the warm air. Much of the excess moisture is condensed into water and collected in a drain pan. However, the relative humidity of the air coming out of the coils is often elevated as well, making these and any downstream HVAC components vulnerable to mold, fungi and bacteria proliferation. Cold-water humidifiers can also increase mold growth by increasing the moisture in the air.

Homes in hot, humid climates or homes that have experienced moisture, water or sewage leakage problems are at even greater risk of microbial contamination.

Standard throwaway furnace filters and even many “upgraded” filters provide very little protection against microbial contaminants or ultra-fine particles. Each time the HVAC fan cycles air into the home, armies of potentially harmful spores, along with other allergens and pollutants, can be propelled through the supply ducts and spewed throughout your home into the air your family breathes.

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