Basement wall crack repair contractor in Dubuque, Iowa
Garrett Waterproofing is the first and only company to bring permanent foundation crack repair to Dubuque, Iowa and the surrounding areas.

Foundation cracks in poured concrete walls are a very common problem they do not always leak but are a structural fault none the less. For this we have a PERMANENT repair.

Epoxy Injection. This is a specially formulated epoxy resin designed to weld the concrete back to it's original monolithic design. What this does is allows us to permanently repair foundation wall cracks. Under low pressure injection of the resin through strategically placed injection ports, it will flow into fixtures as small as .005 of an inch. The resin displaces any water, dirt, and other contaminates as it flows through the entire crack filling the width, depth, and height.

Epoxy Injection is the only acceptable interior repair method.

  When only the best will do, call The Dry Basement Experts!

Family owned and operated in Dubuque, IA and serving the Tri-states for 20 years!

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