Limestone wall repair and waterproofing in Dubuque, IA
For Limestone foundations we have a product called DuraWall.

DuraWall is a water, mold and mildew proof wall panel that we mechanically fasten to the wall. This is used in conjunction with interior drain tile and sump pump systems.

DuraWall works because it covers the entire wall, from top to bottom. The bottom of the DuraWall extends under the floor into the drainage system. This allows the water coming through the wall to run down behind the DuraWall and into the drain tile under the floor.

DuraWall is better than traditional methods because it is a superior product and will last forever. It is also inexpensive and less labor intensive, keeping the entire cost down.  The traditional method is smearing cement on the walls. This only works for a short period of time if at all, as in most cases it does not.

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