Garrett Waterproofing provides answers to your most commonly asked questions about water and mold issues

First and foremost, once ground water enters your home, it will always come back.  It will not go away without waterproofing. 

Q.  My basement leaks, can I re-landscape to drain the water away?
A.  Yes, it is best to have the landscape and gutters drain away from the house and is usually all that is needed to remmidy most water intrusion issues.

Q.  Where does water enter a home?
A.  Water can enter a home in many different ways and locations. Storm damaged roofs, ice dams, leaky windows, damaged siding, flooded basements, broken water pipes, malfunctioning dish washer, broken washing machine hoses, bath tub overflows, etc. We have a solution to every situation and cover every aspect.

Q.  Doesn't the contractor waterproof a new home when it is built?
A.  No, If anything, tar or spray foam insulation is applied to the walls. Tar is an inferior product and spray foam insulation is not a waterproofing product.

Q.  What does Garrett apply to exterior foundation walls?
A.  New or old, the only way is to apply a specifically designed rubber waterproof membrane.

Q.  What's the difference between patching a crack and epoxy injection?
A.  A patch is exactly that, a patch. The true definition: 'To cover a hole or weak spot.' No matter what material is used, if it works at all, it won't last long. Epoxy injection, on the other hand, is specifically designed to fill the entire crack (width, depth, and height). It welds the concrete back to its original monolithic design. 

Q. When does mold grow?
A. Mold will start to grow within 48 hours if the water is not properly extracted and dried.

Q. What is the musty smell from?
A. Musty odors are mold growth and must be quickly and properly remediated to prevent spreading to other areas of your home.

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