Sump pump sales, service and installation in Dubuque, IA

We service all makes and models of sump pumps and back-up systems.

Existing pumps can be re-plumbed to meet city code.

We can bury the pump discharge pipe underground draining into the street at curb level or into a storm sewer.

We also install:                       

Water powered back-up pump systems

Zoeller pumps


Cellular water alarm:
All products that we sell and install are  

Our custom flush mount pump lid is specifically designed for finished basements, family rooms, bedrooms, or any room. They are completely flush with the floor. You can lay carpet over them, install tile, or just about anything! There is no need to allocate any space for our finished pump.

An un-finished pump requires allocated space and is more commonly used in laundry rooms, or un-finished basements.

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